" In Pieces "

Illustration May 21, 2021

The meaning behind each piece.

This drawing is dedicated to the people of Myanmar who are fighting for democracy.Meaning in caption of each picture.

Flipped shoes : Can't go out
No one is safe to go out because of covid and dictatorship in Myanmar.

Dying heart : Can't find love
Can't go out, can't meet people, can't find love.

Hand : Can't work
Civil Disobedience Movement

Eyeball : Can't see
Since the military took over the tv and medias, we are not allowed to see the truth

Camera : Content creators and celebrities becoming jobless
Some unpublished their work platforms for safety.
As respect to arrested creators and celebrities.
The whole industry has paused.

House key : Losing safety even in your own home
You could be taken forcefully from your own house at anytime in Myanmar.

Shirt : Losing protection
Military has released prisoners and arrested doctors, students .Teenage girls are being beaten and sexually harrassed while detained.

Legs : Barely standing
Everyone is depressed. Some people are losing hope.

Head : Losing minds / heads
Everyone is angry.
Everyone is sad.
Everyone has lost something
or someone.

Broken clock : Wasted time
Since covid and dictatorship , we are stuck at home losing our precious time.

Director cut : Losing dreams

Many famous celebrities in Myanmar like Eaindra Kyaw Zin , Pyae Ti Oo have been arrested for speaking out.
I've always wanted to be an actress..
but that will never happen if we don't get democracy back.

Polaroid : Losing people/ friends

The people we lose due to covid and myanmar dictatorship.
Many had been killed and arrested for protesting against military for democracy.

Graduation hat : Delayed education

In Myanmar , all the students protest by not going to school.
If covid and dictatorship never happened ,
I would be graduating by now..

Art by Cecilia Rose


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