Japan's Upper House condemns Myanmar coup

News Jun 11, 2021

The Upper House of Japan's Diet has condemned Myanmar's military coup and called for quick restoration of the country's democratic political system.

A draft resolution to that effect submitted by a nonpartisan group was adopted unanimously in an upper chamber plenary session on Friday.

The resolution says the February 1 coup tramples on efforts and hopes for democratization in Myanmar, and clearly denies justification of the current military regime.

It also harshly criticizes violence against civilians by Myanmar's military and police that has resulted in casualties.

The lawmakers demand that the military's leaders immediately halt cruelty against civilians and release Aung Sang Suu Kyi and others from detention.

The resolution also urges Japan's government to use all diplomatic resources available for early restoration of Myanmar's democratic political system, provide emergency support to displaced people and others in need, and work toward an arms embargo against the military.

The Lower House adopted a similar resolution earlier this week.

ref: NHK


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