News Apr 12, 2021


A young protester in Bago crying his heart out. The military forces killed his friends and comrades right in front of him, but he couldn’t do anything; instead, he had to run for his life.


Mandalay’s powerful combined strike including monks and university students were violently dispersed by terrorist junta this morning. But luckily, everyone got escaped safely from Junta’s brutality.

Kayah State

Terrorists invaded Nanataw ward, Loikaw, Kayah state , since 6am, opened gunfire in the ward and destroyed the barricades on the street.

Kachin State

Video footage of Burma military terrorist forces air bombardment attack on KIA (one of the ethnic armed organizations) stationed area, Ahlawbum village today.

A source from KIA said that Terrorist coup fighter jets used Chinese air space to attack KIA positions! Which side are you on China?

Ta-Mu, Chin State

Junta’s SAC terrorists have been attacking with heavy weapons for more than 5 hours that people can’t even have their meals at peace. They have to be hiding. Local media reports that a 7year old child is also killed.

Junta Terrorists threw incendiary objects at houses in the centre of the town,Tamu and committed arson at nightPhotos couldn’t be reached to social media in time because internet was cut off.

Source from Twitter


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