News Apr 14, 2021


Massive fire engulfed houses in InWin 10 street, Bago Two fire incidents happened to occur on the same day in Bago.Precious lives of Myanmar civilians cannot be ignored by international. Save Myanmar in time.

Shops within Shwe Thar Lyaung Pagoda compound in Bago, were on fire this morning and the fire was put out at 6:30 am 5 houses were burnt down into ashes We still cannot confirm the arsonists but based on previous fire incidents, Junta is undoubtedly the culprit.

Myit-Nge, Mandalay

Massive Junta Forces attacked civilians with live ammunition. They also brought prison car, bull dozers and 20 army trucks. They destroyed the doors to a Mosque and robbed 300 lahks and confidential documents. 2 civilians were killed.


Regarding the fire incident that made many muslim families homeless,Catholic sisters and Buddhist monks donated food supplies. This is a sign that we are winning already.

No Junta can incite hatred within civilians because our hearts beat as one.

Using indirect usages, Junta Terrorists were threatening to kill us

Junta propaganda TV channel says “ Youths were lured by international to destroy the country with CDM “ “ If they would do so, they will die “


Military owned channel MRTV&MWD announced that 23 protesters were SENTENCED TO DEATH with penal code 396 on April 9. On april 12, 7 protesters from HlaingThaya were sentenced to death with penal code 302(1)-(B)/34 & 302(1)-(B)/109.

Blood Strike in Mandalay

The protesters marched through the streets to speak out against dictatorship despite the bloodshed in Mandalay a few days ago.We Will Win this fight because we deserve it.

Junta Terrorists who didn’t know better than 10th grade textbooks, listed a warrant against Medical professionals who participated in Civil Disobedience Movement.They revoked our medical license and jailed our doctors.

Source from BOBBY - Myanmar


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