News Apr 22, 2021

A tribute song to all fallen heroes.

In loving memory of all our fallen stars in this Spring Revolution 2021.

Artists - Glock, Julia Noe, Tharr Phyoe, Mai Mine, Jacob, Daniel Saw, Van, Zoey, Jenny, Thet Min Oo, Awmyat Thiri, Yung Htet, Flakka, Naung NaungLyrics by Tharr Phyoe, Yung Htet, Flakka, Naung Naung
Guitar by Daniel Saw
Produced/Mixed /Mastered by Glock
Video by Hein Nyan Swem
Cover Art by Waiyan Moe Myint

Rest In Eternal Peace, our Stars.

Source from Glock93


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