Military Sponsored terrorists are killing the people even on the blessed day of Myanmar new year.

News Apr 17, 2021

Mogok today BEFORE the crackdown.Protestors holding Thapyay Leaf (Eugenia) for victory & wearing white shirt (to dispense with the bad luck of the past).

The situation in eastern Mogok is tense. Terrorists continuously shooting near ShweKu Pagoda, Katesakote around 1:01 pm.

Picture shows Myanmar junta forces taking away two bodies in a handcart in the town of Mogok, where people again came out to protest against the coup.

Video Footage of Junta Commander demanding 5 dead bodies from the street in Mogok. Junta exposed his murderous intention by saying
“ I want them dead only. 5 of them “

Military and police forces marched through Aung Chan Thar Ward, #Mogok , shooting indiscriminately at civilians' homes, swearing and threatening civilians

Footage of an ambulance stained with innocent people’s blood who were killed and injured by military terrorists today.

Twitter Posts regarding Mogok



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