Protests around world call on G7 to act on Myanmar

English Jun 13, 2021

People from Myanmar have held rallies around the world to urge the Group of Seven leaders to take action against the military government of Myanmar.

Security forces in the country have continued to crack down on citizens since a military coup in February. A human rights group says more than 860 civilians have been killed.

Rallies were staged in 21 countries over the weekend to coincide with the G7 summit in Britain.

In Tokyo, more than 1,000 protesters, mainly young people from Myanmar, gathered in front of the United Nations University on Sunday.

They condemned the military violence and demanded that the G7 leaders take action.

A 23-year-old Myanmar student said she cannot accept what is happening in her country. She said it is not enough for the international community to hold meetings, and they need to take stronger action.

In Britain, several hundred people from Myanmar and others took part in a protest in the port town of Falmouth on Saturday. The G7 international media center is located there.

Ref: NHK


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